Wind in the city from Taming the Horror Vacui Issue 3 (06 Apr)

Cover image of Aeolian Urbanism, Issue #3 of the publication edited by Piero Bisello for Taming the Horror Vacui Haseeb Ahmed’s project at Rib, Rotterdam. Photo credit: Sander van Wettum

The modern city creates its own turbulences. Rotterdam was rebuilt after WWII on a modernist architectural plan. In a walk through the city for session 3 of my program Taming the Horror Vacui at Rib, urban planner Emiel Arends pointed out additions to buildings and the built environment made to dampen the intense urban wind canyons created by buildings focusing the wind.

Aberrations like cantilevers added to buildings, ventilation exhausts, and clumps of trees speak are evidence of the negotiation of wind and the built environment.

Contributed by: Haseeb Ahmed