Jade Windscreen (29 Jun)

Ten reasons to consider Jade Windscreen for boosting your immunity, right now:

  1. Studies show it’s beneficial. According to this published study by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the combined herbs in the Yu Ping Feng San formula tend to be very effective in warding off airborne pathogens common during cold season.  
  2. DAO’s Immunity Support combines three whole herbs based on a nearly 1,000-year-old Chinese medicine formula called “Jade Windscreen”. It’s been widely recognized by Chinese medicine doctors, acupuncturists and consumers worldwide as the natural and effective way to boost immunity during cold and pollen season.
  3. Chinese authorities relied on this herbal combination during the 2003 outbreak of SARS across China and Hong Kong to help boost immunity.
  4. Why is this herbal combination called Jade Windscreen? It’s because ancient doctors of Chinese medicine thought the formula formed “a solid screen to protect your body.” Not bad when airborne pathogens are swarming.
  5. The formula relies heavily on astragulus root (or Astragali Radix), considered “the best immune tonic herb in stabilizing and strengthening the protective Qi in your body” in original Chinese medicine texts.
  6. Chinese herbs don’t typically win awards for flavor. That’s where DAO comes in – we worked tirelessly in pairing the herbs with natural flavors that make Chinese herbs uncharacteristically pleasant to consume!
  7. Speaking of flavors, Immunity Support uses a pear-ginger flavor combination that blends nicely with the herbs. Why pear and ginger? In Chinese medicine, pears are a “yin-tonic” that helps energize your spleen, stomach and lungs, while ginger is considered “warming”, and helps stimulate circulation.  
  8. Like other powered vitamin-C supplements, Immunity Support blends easily with water. But unlike other vitamin-C supplements, our formula comes from nature. Simply add it to your water bottle and let the power of Chinese medicine and its 2,500 year heritage work its magic.
  9. Consumers already agree that it’s working: “I’ve used DAO’s Immunity Support a handful of times now…it’s worked every time. This stuff is the real deal”, said one faithful convert!
  10. Where else might one find airborne pathogens? Upgrade your pre-flight immunity routine, and take Immunity Support before boarding your next flight.

Source: https://mydaolabs.com/blogs/the-way/jade-windscreen-formula-yu-ping-feng-san