Face of the Wind (09 Mar)

The Face of the Wind Wind Tunnel Flow Visualization, Haseeb Ahmed, 2015-2019.

While looking at turbulence patterns in a wind tunnel, I recognized that one in particular took the form of a face; the face of the wind. If the wind is, indeed, inhabited, what kind of being is there? I use technology to create a Wind Avatar, who represents all of the world’s winds. By robotically shifting angles of a delta wing in a specially designed wind tunnel, we are able to change the facial expressions of the being, similar to those of humans. By connecting this tunnel to data from weather stations around the world, we can monitor the emotions of the wind, and perhaps even communicate with it. Going one step further, I connected this technology to EEG monitors developed with the Brain and Emotion Laboratory and the University of Maastricht, which allows this avatar to express the emotions of those wearing the monitor, allowing them to inhabit the wind – linking art, neuroscience, and fluid dynamics in a new way.

Contributed by: Haseeb Ahmed

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