Corona aerosol test (16 Mar)

Images of the cloud expelled by sneezing, recorded at a frequency of 1000 fps, taken at (a) 0.007s, (b) 0.03 s, (c) 0.107s, (d) 0.162s, (e) 0.251s, (f) 0.34s.

Wind tunnel particle interferometry visualization of bodily fluid dispersion from a sneeze. This has become a major concern during the pandemic. How can we breath the air we share?

Citation: Seminara, G., Carli, B., Forni, G. et al. Biological fluid dynamics of airborne COVID-19 infection. Rend. Fis. Acc. Lincei 31, 505–537 (2020).

Contributed by: Haseeb Ahmed