Blood Rain Particles (25 Jan)

Red rain in Kerala under an optical microscope at 1000x magnification. Original caption: Photomicrograph of the red rain particles under 1000x magnification. Particles have size variation from 4 to 10 micrometers. Inset shows red rainwater contained in a 5ml sample bottle.

The Saharan dust carried by Scirocco winds bring “Blood Rain” to Europe. Other winds carry this dust to other parts of the world. A 2015 study has unambiguously established that the cause of blood rain in Kerala was the aerial spores of green Microalgae Trentepohlia. This is the case elsewhere as well.

Sources: BAST, F, BHUSHAN, S., JOHN A.A., ACHANKUNJU, J., PANIKKAR N.M.V., HEMETNER, C., AND STOCKER-WÖRGÖTTE, E. 2015 European Species of Subaerial Green Alga Trentepohlia annulata (Trentepohliales, Ulvophyceae) Caused Blood Rain in Kerala, India. J Phylogen Evolution Biol 3: 144

Contributed by Haseeb Ahmed