Haseeb Ahmed – Artist and Sky Resident for the Earth, Water, Sky Residency

Though it is the fluid medium that we all inhabit, air and its movement is hard to grasp. I find that once we tune into this invisible medium we start to discern many underlying dynamics that shape our material existence. In my work I try to articulate particular narratives in the particulates carried by wind. The Scirocco wind brings Saharan dust over the Mediterranean Sea and inaugurates the Aqua Alta. Over hundreds of years Venice has been shaped by and shapes this wind. In my residency I want to research this tradition, especially as it manifests in the city’s architecture, add to this rich tradition through an artwork I will make for Venice, in collaboration with Science Gallery Venice at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

If you would like to comment or contribute to this research please contact me at studio@haseebahmed.com

Haseeb Ahmed

Craig Martin – Academic Partner, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

I teach the history of science at Ca’ Foscari and work on the history of meteorology during the Renaissance, a time when philosophers, scholars, and physicians combined their experiences and observations with attempts to revive ancient culture. During this period, wind was fundamental to many fields including agriculture, natural philosophy, navigation, and medicine. It was considered a cause of disease, especially epidemics, and a factor in determining climate.

Here is Craig Martin’s most recent article on wind.

Craig Martin